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Perfectionistic, hungry caterpillars

Are you a perfectionist? It has been pointed out to me by a few people that I have some perfectionistic tendencies. More specifically, I have been accused of being like the character Monica from the TV series ‘Friends’ (showing my age here).  In … Continue reading

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No ordinary apple pie – this one comes up roses!

So, about this ‘Gangnam Style’ dance craze that seems to be sweeping the globe (or at the very least the Australian media)… Upon my first viewing of the youtube clip (which has had almost 500,000,000 hits), I will admit to not … Continue reading

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The Fat Duck, Sydney… well probably as close as we will get

I must say I am a little disappointed with adulthood. I had imagined attending more dinner parties, yet it seems that these are becoming extinct (well, at least among my friends). I blame busy lives and a plethora of fabulous … Continue reading

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Apple crumble slice

I have found that the recent trend/ obsession with macarons in popular circulation is both a blessing and a curse. As a person who is very fond of macarons, I’m glad that they are more redily available, however – having … Continue reading

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