So a little bit about me… Well I have spent a great many years telling everyone that there was nothing that I am truly passionate about until someone responded by saying that they way I talked about food indicated that delicious food was it! That was the ‘eureka’ moment… and since then I have been on quest after quest for the best recipes and to create masterpieces… Add to the mix the joy I have for writing – my friends have often been regaled with very, very, very, long e-mails of my holiday experiences – and it just made sense to blog about the things I love. I hope that through this blog I can not only share my passion for food and travel, but perhaps in some way have (even if it only a little) impact on someone!

I apologise in advance for the lack of regularity in posts as sometimes life just gets in the way… Sometimes they will be recipes, sometimes reviews, and as per my tag line, sometimes mad ramblings… Hopefully always entertaining 🙂

Happy eating – from the Kitchen Chemist (a nickname courtesy of my brother).


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