No ordinary apple pie – this one comes up roses!

So, about this ‘Gangnam Style’ dance craze that seems to be sweeping the globe (or at the very least the Australian media)… Upon my first viewing of the youtube clip (which has had almost 500,000,000 hits), I will admit to not getting it. I didn’t really find it all that funny or impressive, but acknowledged that perhaps I just was missing the point… and left it at that.

Last night Psy was on television dancing Gangnam Style and Ms TT commented that the more you watched the dance the more it appealed, in fact, it actually looked like it might require some skill to do what Psy himself describes as ‘riding a horse’. Since this craze taking the world by storm, I decided to ‘get with it’ and look up figure out what all the hype is about – thanks to good old trusty  wikipedia the pieces started to fall into place. It is a parody… things make far more sense and I guess the clip is kind of funny and relevant (at least in Korea) 😉  and you gotta respect the guy. Before you ask, I haven’t gone so far as to try it out… yet…

This ramble very little to do with this week’s recipe – unless you are willing to make the stretch that Gangnam is a horse-riding dance, horses eat apples, and here we have apple pie! (I did say it was a stretch and there is absolutely no explanation for the way my brain works).  This recipe was inspired by the much more beautiful dessert by Delicious with Jolien – my hints are:

  • don’t use a deep pie dish (I needed a lot of apples to make this one since my pie dish is very deep…)
  • use a peeler or mandolin to slice the apples – by using knife I think my pieces were a little too thick and short to make good petals
  • also, I think Delicious with Jolien‘s idea of sitting the rosettes on a custard is also a good one… I was just being lazy, plus I had a lot of apples to use up.

Rosy Apple Pie

Juice of one orange
10 red apples (5 peeled, 5 unpeeled), thinly sliced.
25g unsalted butter
3 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp nutmeg
1 tbsp vanilla extract
pinch salt
2 sheets shortcrust pastry (or you could make your own :))

In a medium-large saucepan place the unpeeled apples. Just cover the apples with hot water and bring to the boil. Cook until softened.

In a medium-large saucepan add orange juice and peeled apples. Pour the liquid from the cooked apples above into this pot. Add sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and salt. Bring to the boil and cook until softened. Remove apples. With the liquid remaining in the saucepan, add butter and keep boiling until it is reduced into a thick sauce.

Oil and line a pie dish with the shortcrust pastry. Place the cooked (strained) peeled apples in the bottom of the dish. Using the unpeeled apples form rosettes (see here for instructions) and sit these atop the peeled apples.

Pour the sauce over the rosettes.

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 50-60 minutes. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

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5 Responses to No ordinary apple pie – this one comes up roses!

  1. Katie says:

    Oh yum! How long does it take to prep? I’ll have mine with a generous dollop of double cream thanks.

    • Michelle says:

      It did take a little while (well Ms TT was asking: “are you done yet?”) but I definitely got quicker with each rose. Perhaps about 30-45 mins to assemble… A smaller dish would have taken less time 🙂

  2. Wow this is gorgeous Michelle! Do you think it would work well as individual pies too?

  3. Ooh you are so clever! Making the roses is a stroke of genius and it ends up being so pretty 😀

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