Dates, the good and the bad…

Life as a single women can be… interesting… at least for my dear friends who get to hear my stories. One of my favourites was the strange night that Ms TT and I were invited to a ‘discothèque’ – looking back I will acknowledge that perhaps the request was not entirely odd since we were walking ‘like an Egyptian’ through the streets of Luxor… Though amusing, it is my most recent dating experience that has kept many a friend entertained.

It was a blind date and it became (crystal) clear very early into the evening that my date and I were never going to be a couple. This was so obvious that the first thing the cabbie asked me as a leapt into the back seat was: ‘bad date?’ As funny as I found that moment, the truly amusing part occurred two days later when a grinning Ms TT (who had debriefed with me on the night) said to me:

‘I know how old your date is…’

I looked at her sideways, ‘huh?’ as I did not know his age and there was no way that she could possibly know.

‘He’s 30.’ She said smugly, still not clearly explaining herself. At this point I was completely baffled.

‘How do you know that?’

‘I saw him on TV last night…’ She replied.

Yep that’s right, my date was on the SBS show ‘Insight’. The episode was titled ‘Tough Love’ and it was about what was acceptable (and not) in regards to disciplining children. Are your warning bells ringing right now? Mine sure were (let’s just say he was not on the show for a good reason)! As she tells it, she had the TV on in the background and as the story unfolded she realised that the reason the person on screen seemed so familiar was that she had heard it all two nights previously from me…

The story certainly doesn’t end here. This, of course, was one of those difficult situations as I had to communicate back to the person who arranged the set up… my grandmother (you didn’t see this coming did you?)…

I love my grandmother to bits and though I know she feels the same way, I think it baffles her, and it is somewhat viewed with disappointment, that I am not yet married. She was very excited when she told me about this young man (whom she had never met), from a ‘good family’, that she had found for me. When I spoke to her to break the news of the disastrous date, including viewing the ‘Insight’ episode, the only part that seemed to evoke a reaction was when I got to the end of my story – where I had paid more for dinner than he did. Where earlier she smiled with indulgent amusement, my grandmother’s expression suddenly changed into a scowl. His not paying for dinner seemed to be just as unfathomable to my grandmother as my single status. So much so that she was still shaking her head over breakfast the next day, forlornly muttering ‘I can’t believe he didn’t pay!’

Let me assure you that this was the part that I worried about least…

Anyway, enough about that ‘bad’ date and onto some ‘good’ ones… What I am talking about is the the usefulness of dates to reduce calories – these truffles are less that 30 calories each and are a nice way to treat yourself with a cup of tea without feeling guilty.

Diet friendly date, chocolate and coconut truffles

200g pitted dates, soaked in boiling water overnight
1 tbsp honey
55g cocoa (I used dutch processed cocoa)
35g rolled oats
35g shredded coconut
10g sesame seeds
extra cocoa for dusting

Puree dates. Stir all wet ingredients together. Stir through all dry ingredients. Roll into balls (I got 38 out of this recipe) and coat with cocoa, put into a container and freeze until ready to eat.

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