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Dates, the good and the bad…

Life as a single women can be… interesting… at least for my dear friends who get to hear my stories. One of my favourites was the strange night that Ms TT and I were invited to a ‘discothèque’ – looking … Continue reading

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A little bit of Turkey, Lebanon and Persia mixed together makes…?

Someone recently asked me what sort of cuisine I cooked and I could not answer. I felt a little embarrassed as I responded saying didn’t cook cuisines per se, but rather picked flavours I liked and used them as inspiration. … Continue reading

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New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase

When I first tried Shanghai Dumplings I was baffled at how they managed to get the soup inside the dumpling skins. Did they inject it in? Did it miraculously get sucked in via some process of osmosis in the steaming … Continue reading

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The Fat Duck, Sydney… well probably as close as we will get

I must say I am a little disappointed with adulthood. I had imagined attending more dinner parties, yet it seems that these are becoming extinct (well, at least among my friends). I blame busy lives and a plethora of fabulous … Continue reading

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