Cara & Co Restaurant

One of life’s greatest pleasures is spending an evening with good friends. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time to be able to do this as often as I would like! Using this month’s Westfield Sydney’s Chefs Club – where on a Tuesday night you can enjoy a $30 menu at six of their restaurants – as an excuse (do we really need one?), three wonderful ladies found themselves at Cara & Co.

To find the restaurant (which is on level 4 of Westfield Sydney) you need to walk through to the back of the shop. The space is intimate and service impeccable. Once seated and sipping on the included cocktail, we were presented with the first of a series of delicious courses: potato bread roll accompanied by butter and black salt. This was followed by some stunning canapés.

The most visually appealing ‘plate’ was a cauliflower bonbon with herring roe and wasabi mayo – served up on a stone. The bonbon was smooth and wasabi mayo surprisingly sweet – but it was the combination of the three items that tasted sublime.

Next up was a goats cheese lollipops coated in mandarin jelly and toasted quinoa. This was a beautifully balanced morsel – the subtle goats cheese versus the sweet mandarin in taste and also with the crunchy texture of the quinoa, gelatinous mandarin and smooth cheese. Yum.

My favourite dish was the pumpkin crisp with curry dip with wild rice soil. The flavours were amazing! The crisp virtually dissolved on the tongue and I couldn’t get enough of the dip – I want the recipe for this!!!

The was the light and fresh – and consisted of rock flathead with cauliflower, peanut and gherkin. The combination of gherkin and peanut worked surprisingly well together, and similar to each of the other dishes we had sampled up to this point, the mixture of textures was great – peanut puree, peanut foam, and peanuts in their natural form.

We opted to pay for dessert (~$22) which was certainly worth it. There was an order for the “Nutty Lemon” which was a mixture of lemon and hazelnut flavours, and again a mixture of textures (crust, sponge, curd). My friend raved about the white chocolate kalamansi balls (a burst of citrus). I ordered the flour less chocolate cake, which was served with a coconut and ginger ice cream and (as you can see on the side of the plate) fresh raspberries, raspberry jellies, syrup and a sort of raspberry cream. Also, coconut marshmallows – beautifully rich.

And finally….coffee & petit fours:  warmed tonka bean madeleine, sour cherry jelly jube and salty nut praline – the madeline was delicious, the sour cherry jelly a lovely sweet/sour treat and the salty nut praline was my favourite (probably because I love the salty/sweet combination).

This meal was not only delicious, but also visually appealing. Definitely worth stopping by.

Cara&Co Restaurant – Sydney
Shop 4001 Level 4
Westfield Sydney 188 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
+61 2 9226 9988

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6 Responses to Cara & Co Restaurant

  1. chocolatesuze says:

    love cara and co! food is always spectacular and i reckon the tues chefs club is an awesome deal

    • Michelle says:

      I had not heard of Cara & Co (it is quite tucked away) which makes the Tues chefs club quite genius to get people there. I think I will try another chefs club restaurant next Tuesday 🙂

  2. I didn’t know about this Chefs deal! It is fantastic and since I work right near Westfield, I really should take advantage.
    I always walk past Cara and Co and longingly stare at the merchandise that I cannot afford…I think the food will be more affordable and everything looks beautiful!

  3. Yum! I’m gonna be trying this on Tuesday! Except I don’t drink alcohol…do you think I could substitute the cocktail…

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