More cakepops – Oh Tannenbaum

This post is a really quick one – mainly because I promised to post picture of these trees and also because it would seem a little odd to blog about making Christmas trees after Christmas (not that I’m all that concerned about being called odd…).

So, to continue with the cake pop trend – and since all the others had been eaten – I found myself back in the kitchen to make more, for the kids of course. This time Christmas trees were on the agenda for a Christmas eve party, where there would legitimately be children present. I guess I should say here that the reindeers were all eaten by adults 🙂

Now, I will be the first to admit that these trees do NOT look like Bakerella’s trees ( – it is definitely worth looking through her site to see some of the amazing pops she makes. However, I still think they look pretty cute…

The basics are the same as the previous post ( – i.e. make the cake and mush it together with frosting. The difference begins with the shaping and decorating. The process described below is my interpretation of Bakerella’s recipe (see link above).

In terms of decorating supplies you will need:
Green candy melts (or alternatively white chocolate with green colouring powder – I have been warned NOT to use liquid colouring as it can make the chocolate seize)
Flavourless oil to dilute if necessary (I used canola oil as that’s what we had in the pantry…)
Candy stars (the ones I used were sugar stars)
Coloured candy bits/ silver or coloured cachous (depending on the look you are going for to decorate the trees)
Florist foam to stick the pops into (which I covered with foil.

1. Shape crumbled cake and frosting mix into firm cones. Place in the refrigerator or freezer.

2. Melt a small amount of the candy. Dip the popsticks into the candy and push about 1/2 way into the cone – it needs to be deep enough for the tree to not fall off when you dip the whole thing into the candy. Put back into the refrigerator .

3. Melt the rest of the candy (dilute with a small amount of oil if too thick). Dip the cones into the candy. Ensure each cone is coated in the candy.

4. To make the leaves, I tapped the sides of the cone with the flat edge of a butter knife (Barbarella suggests using a toothpick to make leaves).

5. Decorate by pushing the coloured balls into the candy, and top with a star. Poke into florist foam and set in the fridge.

I’m loving the forest of trees…

Merry Christmas to you all!

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4 Responses to More cakepops – Oh Tannenbaum

  1. your treepops look great! merry christmas!

  2. I can’t decide whether I want the reindeer or these gorgeous little trees now! Since you are offering, I will take 2 of each please! Merry Christmas Michelle 🙂

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