Poppy seed and ricotta cake with lemon curd

This season we have been fairly committed to watching The Block as a friend is one of the contestants on the show. It really is interesting to see someone you have known for a very long time on the small screen – especially when you know that the producers will be editing the show in a particular way. I often wonder how I would be perceived on screen – I imagine that obstinate might be the trait that would come through. What having a friend on television means is that my other friends are now one degree (or is that considered two?) of separation away from someone ‘famous’… and this can result in some excitement – a young fan is sure to be over the moon to receive the autograph obtained. At this point you are probably wondering why I’m talking about The Block. As with most things in my life there IS a link to food.

I was invited to a Block Party and not wanting to turn up empty-handed I turned to the trusty Gourmet Traveller website for inspiration (armed with a bowl of lemons from another friend’s garden). Browsing through the desserts that used lemons I came across a poppy seed and ricotta cake with lemon curd recipe. This was not the first time I had used this – I had made the lemon curd previously. That time the curd did not last long in our household…and actually ended up as the feature dessert (conversations centred around what we would have with the lemon curd rather than what the lemon curd could go with) – in fact, someone (I won’t mention any names) ate it straight from the jar! An obvious indicator of a successful recipe! This time I thought I would try the cake part as well.


Making the lemon curd is a little labour intensive (well the zesting and hand juicing of the lemons was) but the aroma of zesty lemons is absolutely divine. The cake is very easy to make and is very large.The final product was a delicious melt-in-the-mouth cake that’s not too sweet, yet somehow incredibly rich (this ultimately being a cheesecake). Definitely well received!

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4 Responses to Poppy seed and ricotta cake with lemon curd

  1. What a dramatic cake! I bet it tastes amazing too πŸ™‚

  2. Caroline Constantinou says:

    It looks yummmmmm!!!!

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